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Colorimetric investigations

Color is a sensory perception and not a physical property of an object. Color perception therefore depends on various factors such as the observer, lighting, background and surface structure. For reproducible objective measurement results for product and quality assurance by means of spectrophotometric measurements, we offer color standard values, colorimetry and color differences according to DIN 5033, DIN EN ISO 11664- and DIN EN ISO 105-J03.

In addition, TITV Greiz performs color measurements on highly visible warning clothing to determine the standard color component and luminance factor according to DIN EN ISO 20471:2017-03.

White-metric investigations

Using a spectrophotometer, the whiteness as well as the color deviance according to Ganz/Griesser and according to CIE as well as other formulae is characterized on white, fluorescent samples.

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