Possible applications of textiles can be extended enormously by adding functional surfaces. Cutting-edge printing technologies do not only enable colour design, but also exciting possibilities for the functionalisation of various textile fabrics.

We develop innovative functional printings on textiles which can be

  • highly conductive
  • insulating
  • low conductive (heating)
  • interactive
  • sensitive
  • magnetic
  • thermochromic
  • photochromic
  • electrochromic

Functional printings as well as optical design require a pre- and posttreatment according to the used materials and technologies. We own a variety of lab technology to successfully manage this complex task.

The technological equipment of our printing laboratory includes classical like flat and rotary screen printing as well as digital printing like CHROMOJET, InkJet or 3D-printing units.
The digital injection moulding technology of the chromojet printer is used for printing and development of certain functions on 3d fabrics such as carpets, fleeces, felts, velours and many other textile structures.

We use 3D printing technologies to combine one or several functional layers with our textiles. In order to do so, we use functionalised materials in our FDM printers (Fused Deposition Modeling) and create our own functional thermoplastic powders for modified SLS printing.