Wirkmaschine 3D titv

3D structures convince because of their variety. Both, the diverse materials deployed in upper layer, under layer and pile thread zone as well as specific constructional features that are adapted to the respective purpose, enable a broad spectre of applications.

Double needle bar raschel machines and warp knitting machines are available to create spacer fabric structures with up to 10 mm thickness. Besides special textiles for the medical and medical engineering sectors, our expertise focuses on developments for automotive, industrial production and protective textile industries. When developing, we consider both: practical requirements as well as the latest research insights.

Our field of attention is to develop elastic 3D-knitted fabrics with soft, skin-friendly surfaces and excellent physiological characteristics for a usage close to the skin. The up-to-date raschel technology makes it possible to add various features to the warp-knitted structures. This includes

  • Moisture management
  • Antimicrobial effects
  • Flame retardancy
  • Processing of high-tenacity yarns for particularly tear- resistant and cut-resistant spacer fabrics

In order to realise industrial orders, we combine the available production technologies with our long-standing experience. Fast modifications and quality assurance are standard.


Double-bar raschel machine
Knitting elements of double-bar raschel machine