Farbstoffapplikation mittels Vakuumextraktion

The technical centre for finishing at the TITV provides a variety of options to meet the sophisticated requirements of advanced fundamental research while staying practically relevant. Our fields of attention are

  • surface treatments of textiles with finishing and textile auxiliaries as well as dyes,
  • process developments for finishing and coating,
  • functionalisation of 3D textiles,
  • textiles for car interiors and medical applications,
  • electrochemical modification of conductive textile structures.

Our state-of-the-art machines for pre-treatments, colouring, coating and conductive finishing are available for contract research, process optimisation and technology advisory, but also for small-series production of all textile layouts. This includes all possible finishing methods for threads, ribbons, embroideries, and fabrics up to 50 cm wideness. Here, innovative procedures can be used as well, e.g.

  • vacuum extraction,
  • ultrasonic treatment,
  • CHROMOJET printing,
  • galvanic metal deposition.


Laboratory jet dyeing machine
Tensioning-dry-fixing machine
Dye application by vacuum extraction