Coating and laminating of textiles is complex.

These processes need experience in the areas of natural and engineering science as well as textile technology, polymer chemistry and process engineering.

Creating new functions on textile surfaces, such as electrical conductivity or optical effects, requires a targeted selection of polymers and technologies in order to realise new and creative products.

For such complex tasks in the areas of process and technology development, the technical centre for coating at the TITV provides a universal applicable laboratory coating centre.

With the help of exchangeable modules, the unit can be used for

  • direct (air, blanket or roll-blade procedures) and transfer coating,
  • roller coating, flat bed coating and foam coating,
  • hot melt coating,
  • foulard application.
  • A dry lamination system completes the options above.

The centre can be used to apply a functional coating to elastic, inelastic and three-dimensional textiles. A lab coater can be used to adjust processing parameters when deploying new materials.

Our specialities are the coating of three-dimensional textile surfaces and the application of functional coatings (e.g. electroluminescence, UV protection and more) on elastic and inelastic up to 50 cm wide textiles.