Our technical centers are innovation forge and test laboratory at the same time. Because here our developers work together with our partners and customers to find solutions for specific tasks. Which technology is best? Which technology is suitable in a specific case? We analyze, design, test and find the right answers. Everything that developers, partners and customers need is available at the institute and ready for immediate use - from modern machines and materials to the test laboratory. With the help of exams, jointly obtained results can be immediately evaluated and documented. We are happy to provide the necessary professionals.

+ Thread production + Weaving + Knitting + Embroidery + Finishing + Printing + Coating + Electronics +

Your advantages:

  • minimal material and energy costs due to narrow widths
  • Production can continue undisturbed by outsourcing time-consuming and personnel-intensive tests
  • Technology available at short notice
  • experienced, competent technicians and engineers
  • reliable and confidential support
  • reproducible results

Contact us!

Would you like to use our technology to try out some ideas and test technologies yourself or with us? We would be happy to provide you with our technology. We arrange all details on terms and dates individually.

The use of our technical centers is possible under transparent and non-discriminatory conditions. The use is handled based on a user contract.