Textiles for lifesciences and medical technologies require special properties - such as sensory or actuator characteristics, force-flow-compatible design, application-specific pore sizes, large internal surface area or structural anisotropy. This gives plenty of opportunities for the development of textiles for medical applications.

For many years the engineers at TITV Greiz have been developing innovative and individual textile based solutions for

  • Monitoring of vital parameters,
  • Decubitus prohylaxis and complex physical decongestive therapy (CPT) of lymphedema,
  • Pressure relief and improved physiological comfort of bandages and orthoses,
  • Implants - from patient-specific solutions up to weaving and embroidery processing of shape memory materials,
  • abdominal swabs and much more

Together with our partners from the medical industry we offer the support in textile-technological development and implementation of new product ideas.

Therapy glove for stroke patients, Fa. Bosana