Digital printing offers great future potential for the functionalisation of textiles. Textiles can effectively be partially finished with the same or even different functions with printing technologies. Manufacturers thus have the opportunity to bring even small series and customisable products to the market with a high degree of flexibility.

New fields of application for inkjet and chromojet technology and screen printing

We support companies with our know-how in classical and digital printing processes and further develop printing technologies to extend them to application areas such as

  • Printing of conductive textiles,
  • Additive printing process, FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing,
  • Laser sintering technology to extend the functionality of Smart Textiles

In order to adapt process steps and parameters as well as the functional inks and pastes to the new processing technology, we work closely with machine and auxiliary equipment manufacturers.

Our many years of experience in improving the adhesion of functional prints, print pretreatment and print evaluation help us to effectively develop new technologies.