Functional Surfaces

New applications for textiles in technics, electronics and microsystems technique can be opened up with functional surfaces as they can be created through innovative coatings. Textile boundary surfaces can be changed individually through physical or chemical processes to adapt their properties regarding adsorption, repulsion, porosity, molecular identification or the controlled release of active ingredients.

Technologies like coating or lamination will be further enhanced to assure their process reliability. It is the goal to look for  materials and processes to develop functional coatings and laminations with finest structures at the nanoscale. The challenge here is the use of new materials.
Especially electroluminescent substances, conductive polymers or flame-retardant composites are investigated, regarding constructive coating technologies like the galvanic coating of textile structures.
Opening new fields for textiles with functional coatings and creating composite structures with additional properties for applications in technics and microsystems technology is the main focus in our research work. Different technologies like coating and laminating will be enhanced to assure their process reliability.

First results in the development of light shield systems for museums, high-conductive fiber materials and structured conductive surfaces for smart textiles can be presented.
A soil-repellent Sol-Gel finishing, textile electroplating, onesided finishings of three-dimensional textiles and the preparation of textiles for inkjet printing demonstrate our professional competence too.

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